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Children get sick. Caregivers sometimes have emergencies. Sometimes you have to work late.

As parents and caregivers know, even the best laid plans for child and adult care can sometimes get interrupted. When that happens, the Back-Up Care Advantage Program can provide you with options so that you can rest assured knowing that your loved ones are safe and well cared for while you attend to work or school or other commitments.

When Can the Back-Up Care Advantage Program Help?

  • Your nanny or regular caregiver is ill or on vacation.
  • Your child has a mild fever and cannot attend school or their regular child care program.
  • Your elder parent needs assistance with daily tasks, meal preparation, and general supervision.
  • You need to work additional hours or your work schedule has changed and your regular child or adult care provider is unavailable.
  • Your regular care arrangements are unexpectedly interrupted.

How Can the Program Help?

As an employee of Verizon-IBEW, the Back-Up Care Advantage Program offers you up to 160 hours of care for your loved ones at $2/hour for center-based child care and $4/hour for in-home child or elder care.

Is Registration Required?

Yes! You must be registered for this program before care can be provided. Reservations for back-up care are accepted as early as one month in advance and up to the day care is needed.

To register or make a reservation:

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