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You must agree to the conditions below in order to access the discounts. The information buttons to the right of each link contain data needed for specific offers, including company codes.

This website has been created primarily to help employees become aware of discount programs offered by entities other than the particular Verizon company for which they work. For example, various cultural institutions (e.g. museums, symphony orchestras, dance companies) or commercial entities within or outside of the Verizon group of companies (e.g. Dell Computer, Staples, Verizon Wireless, Verizon AirFone) might offer discounted tickets, products, or services that may be of interest to employees. Except in a few cases, which will be noted in the particular discount offer, the discounts listed on this web site are not made by any Verizon entity to its own employees; rather, these are discounts offered by third party entities that are solely responsible for the offers. Details of each offer should be read carefully since the entity making the offer may have additional disclaimers or other information that is not included here.

Unless otherwise noted, the Verizon entity for which you work does not warrant, make any representations or have any involvement in the products and/or services listed on this web site. Its sole involvement is to communicate to employees that these third party institutions/companies have discount programs available.

Similarly, Verizon Communications Inc., its subsidiaries, or affiliates, including but not limited to the Verizon entity for which you work, do not endorse, warrant, make any representations or have any involvement with the products and/or services listed on this website that are offered by any non-Verizon entity. In addition, the discounts listed on this website are being offered directly to you by the institutions/companies listed on the following pages, and, unless expressly noted otherwise, are not being offered or sponsored by the Verizon company for which you work. The institutions/companies making these offers may alter or discontinue their respective offers or discounts at any time without notice.

By clicking on the box below or by participating in any discount listed on this web site you are acknowledging that you have read this information and agree to its terms.

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