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Plan your career and educational pursuits with the FutureLink program.

Are you looking to take charge of your career? Do you want to carve out a new path, identify education needs, and turn new career goals into reality? The FutureLink program can help.

FutureLink helps IBEW members think about and plan for career ambitions. With it, you can explore all areas of your professional future: from new skills, new schooling, and new positions, to decisions about retirement, next chapters, and encore careers.

Start with a one-on-one advising session with an EdAssist® advisor. EdAssist (ACCLS’ advising partner since January 2017) offers a team of professional career consultants who understand Verizon careers and VZLearn, and who can help you get the most from FutureLink benefits. Personalized, one-on-one advising sessions are included with your benefit; use them to set goals for your career and then find educational opportunities in your area (both on campus and online) to meet them. Advisors can also help you explore transferring within Verizon using the VZCareers/RAMP internal transfer systems.

Your benefits also include access to FutureLink’s webinars and related resources.

Contact Information:

To schedule an advising session, call 866-994-3470.
For general questions or support, email vzadvising@edassist.com.

The FutureLink Webinar Series is designed to help Verizon employees thrive and succeed in the ever-changing job market. You’ll get answers to commonly asked questions:

  • What are some of the other positions available at Verizon and how can I get those jobs?
  • My job is too stressful. My job is too physical. I’m feeling stuck. What else can I do?
  • What occupation can I pursue outside of Verizon that pays me the same amount I am making now?
  • How can I make extra income? What type of small business or part-time job could I get?
  • Where can I get training that will lead to a good job with a good income – outside of Verizon?
  • What should I do? Retire? Work a part-time job? Start a small business?
  • How do I develop a Plan B for life after Verizon?


Facts & Myths about the Internal Job Transfer System (RAMP): This webinar will clear up some common misconceptions about Verizon’s VZCareers/RAMP. The webinar also provides key information to help you make the system work for you as you complete for a job transfer.Click Here

VZCareers/RAMP - Part 1: Job Selection Code: Everyone interested in transferring to another job at Verizon should go to this webinar. It explains how the selection process works and what you can do to be more competitive.Click Here

VZCareers/RAMP - Part 2: The Resume: This webinar will explain the details required for your “resume”. You don’t need a traditional resume to apply for union jobs. This webinar will explain the information needed.Click Here

VZCareers/RAMP - Part 3: Search & Apply: This webinar will explain how to search for job openings, how to apply and what happens after the application process. Click Here


Up-skilling to Future Proof Your Career: Smart technology has enhanced our lifestyles, but smart tech also comes with an uncertainty about job security. More and more we see robots taking over the jobs. The good news is that research indicates that technology will likely create more jobs than it erases. However, the key is not to depend on your employer for up-skilling. Instead, to survive and thrive in this ever-changing job market, workers should take on the responsibility to up-skill. Click Here

Setting & Achieving SMART Goals: Setting and achieving goals is a powerful process for focusing on your ideal future and for motivating yourself to turn your vision into reality. Without goals, you dreams are often just wishful thinking. When you stop to set goals, you break out of auto-pilot and take charge of what you want for yourself.Click Here

How to Be Happy at Work: In today's ever-changing workplace it can be a challenge to be happy during the 2,000 hours per year that we spend at work. Many feel job growth is stagnated, creativity stifled, and stress ever-present. As a remedy, this webinar will give you tips to change direction toward finding happiness at work.Click Here

Six Essential Career Tools: Resume, Cover Letter, Elevator Pitch and More: Anyone who wishes to have a job and remain marketable should be up to speed on the essential career tools that are demonstrated in this webinar. You want to create these tools and update them on a regular basis so that if/when the need/opportunity arises, you are prepared.Click Here


The Adult Learner's Guide to Choosing a College focuses on important factors to consider when choosing a college. Over the past decades, formal educational institutions have evolved to create numerous options. While options are great, so many choices can result in confusion. This webinar will provide you with a foundation to understand the current educational landscape and make decisions about which college would best suit your needs.Click Here

Verizon’s Tuition Assistance Program: Benefits, Policy and Requirements: Learn about Verizon's tuition assistance policy and requirements as they relate to IBEW associates in NJ and Pennsylvania.Click Here

Verizon’s Tuition Assistance Program - Part 2: How to Apply This instructional webinar will walk you through the process of completing your tuition assistance application and uploading your completion documents.Click Here

The Gift of Education: Benefits, Examples & Tips: Sixteen gifts, ten examples, and numerous solutions are offered in this educational webinar. Education opens doors for new opportunities. Technology has enabled a wide variety of educational options. Solutions exist for some common obstacles that get in the way of pursuing education. Get a glimpse of what education can do for you, some ideas to get you started, and tips to keep you on track.Click Here

Thinking About Going Back to School? People are often consider going back to school. There are many advantages to having an education -- both professional and personal. This webinar will also provide you with information about the many education options that exist today and will also provide you with examples of how IBEW members are using their tuition benefits.Click Here

Considering a Telecommunications Education? For those who want an extended career in telecommunications, whether with Verizon or any company that depends on telecommunications for business needs, continuous education is critical in order to stay competitive. This webinar focuses on options for courses, certificates, associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees.Click Here

Online Telecommunications Courses, Certificates, and Degrees: Online telecommunications education has enabled Verizon employees to develop knowledge, earn credentials, build on practical work experience, and advance careers. There is something here for everyone, not matter what job you hold at Verizon.Click Here


Considering Career Change – Part 1: Boost your confidence and focus on what you need to do to create a new vision for your future -- whether that’s a complete career change, a side gig, or a retirement career.Click Here

Career Change – Part 2: Life after Verizon: One way or another, everyone will someday leave Verizon, whether for a new job, a retirement career, a part-time gig, one’s own small business, or a hobby. Your life after Verizon can be full of satisfaction and meaning if you have a plan. This webinar will get you started in that process.Click Here

Online Tools to Find a Career that Matches Your Interests: A career that matches your interests will increase the likelihood of job enjoyment, fulfillment, success, and your overall wellbeing. This webinar walks you through a quick assessment which links you to a list of careers that match your interests. Additionally, you’ll be able to explore career options to learn more about each job, including salary information and other details.Click Here


Financial Retirement Planning (brought to you by Scarborough Alliance Group). This webinar is designed to help Verizon employees with income and investment planning.Click Here

Ways to Make Extra Cash - Part 1: Many people express their desire to make some extra money to supplement their income. Most, for a variety of reasons, don't want to leave their current job; but they do want some extra cash in their pocket. Whatever your goals, we hope some of the ideas in this webinar may suit your needs or stimulate your thought process to come up with other ideas.Click Here

ONLINE Ways to Make Extra Cash: Advances in technology have changed the way we work. Technology has new opportunities, including ways to make money online - full time, part time, or whenever you want. Some of the options we're about to suggest require little skill, others require specific skill. Some of the options could turn into a full-time career or a part-time retirement career.Click Here

You Social Security Retirement Benefits: An Overview This webinar will provide you an overview of your Security Retirement Benefits, including information and resources to help you nuke decisions to take better control of your retirement finances. This information is those who are days, months or years until retirement.
Making the Most of Your Money: 401K Basics by Scarborough Alliance Group: focuses on 401(k) plan basics, financial benefits, and the importance of plan participation. It is presented by Scarborough Alliance Group.Click Here

Certain telecommunications technology and customer service skills are highly competitive and desirable. Employees who complete specific educational programs related to such skills (specifically those identified by the ACCLS) will be eligible to receive an incentive.

Read the attached form for more information on the Competitive Skills Incentive Award Program, or send your questions to vzadvising@edassist.com.

Home Study courses are self-paced instruction designed to improve your skills or prepare for VZCareers qualifications. Such programs provide a convenient way to complete a course or prepare for a Verizon test at your own pace — anytime, anywhere. Home Study offers a wide selection of subjects and will give you the flexibility and convenience you need. It is also the ideal way to “test the waters” in an unfamiliar area, at no cost. There are two types of home study courses: VZCareers-Qualifying Courses and Test Prep Guides.

These cover an array of fundamental and technical skills. Successfully completed courses will earn a certificate and an update to your VZCareers information.

Basic Electronic Switching for Telephone Systems - #31. Learn all aspects of telephone electronics, including electronic circuits and data transmission.

Data Processing and Computer Basics - #29. Learn how to use a computer.

Electricity I - #32. An introduction to electricity. Includes atomic structures, electrical quantities, Ohm’s law, resistors, and series and parallel circuits.

Electricity II - #34. Builds on Electricity I. Includes combination circuits, measuring instruments, alternating current, AC and capacitive loads, and three-phase circuits.

Electricity III - #35. Includes transformers, electrical services, general wiring practices, single- and three-phase motors, and schematics and wiring diagrams.

Introduction to Telecommunications Technology - #37. An essential course for anyone interested in a technical position at Verizon, this teaches basic telecommunications concepts to improve your ability to read technical material.

Understanding Solid State Electronics - #36. An advanced course covering semiconductor theory and applications, including diodes, transistors, digital and linear integrated circuits, and opt-electronics.

To order a home study course, email your request to vzadvising@edassist.com.

These study guides provide material and sample questions for Verizon secondary tests, as well as the Talent Skills Assessment, which has replaced the Universal Test Battery (UTB).

Computer and Internet Knowledge - #204
Test prep for the Fiber Customer Support Analyst position.
Click here to download…

Customer Contact - #50
Test prep for customer service jobs at Verizon and the following tests: REPeValuator, Customer Assistance Role-Play Test (CART-M), Data Entry Skills Test (DET), Sales & Service Structured Interview (SSSI), and Oral Proficiency Interview - Spanish (OPI-S) tests.

Engineering Selection Module - #206
Test prep for the Engineering Assistant position, which is currently only in Virginia.

Field Operations Assessment - #208
Test prep guide for Services Technician jobs in Pennsylvania. (This job title is equivalent to the Facilities Technician job in New Jersey, which doesn’t require the test.)
Click here to download…

FLMC-R - #201
Test prep for the jobs of Exchange Layout Assigner (in New Jersey) and Facilities Assigner (in Pennsylvania).

General Test Taking - #41
Prep guide to help you comfortably handle various kinds of questions and test formats.
Click here to download…

Network, Internet and Data Knowledge - #205
Test prep for the Fiber Network Technician position.
Click here to download…

Network Systems Assessment - #207
Test prep for the Network Systems Assessment test which is now required for Equipment Switching Technician jobs in Pennsylvania, and Central Office Technician jobs in other mid-Atlantic states.
Click here to download…

Remote Technician Assessment - #209
Test prep guide for the Network Technician job in New Jersey.
Click here to download…

Talent Skills Assessment (TSA)
Test prep for all associate jobs at Verizon. This test, the initial test for all Verizon jobs, replaced the UTB to measure basic skills, abilities and characteristics that are key to performing Verizon jobs well.
Click here to download…

Technician Mini-Course (TMC) - #200
Test prep for the Systems Technician< test.
Click here to download…

To order your Test Prep Guide, email your request to vzadvising@edassist.com.