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Learning Portal From Home for Non-Exempt Employees

All Wireline employees are now capable of accessing the Learning Portal (VZLearn) on a PC outside of work to utilize self-paced training. To obtain this access, you must:

Step 1: Complete a course

From a work computer achieve a 100% score on the course titled "Use of the Extranet." The day following successful training completion, you will be able to login to the Learning Portal (VZLearn) on a PC outside of work using the remaining set of instructions. Please note that this course must be completed every 12 months in order to maintain access.

Step 2: Register at work

If you already have a User Security Profile (USP), please move to Step 3.

  • You must register from a work computer - it only takes a few minutes.
  • Go to https://usp.verizon.com
  • You will need your Single Sign On (SSO) ID and password.
  • Don't have computer access at work? Your supervisor can help.

Step 3: Access About You from Home

To access the Learning Portal from home, users should login to the extranet About You using http://www.verizon.com/aboutyou and then

  • Go to www.verizon.com/aboutyou from home or any computer with Internet access*
  • Click the Learning Portal (VZLearn) link under Career and Learning.

*This is your personal info. Keeping it safe and confidential is your responsibility. Always remember to log off.

Although the self-paced training courses on the Learning Portal (VZLearn) may link to resources such as class surveys, exams, or course materials, these resources are not available on the extranet. If you try to access one of these types of resources you will receive the following message: "Not all assets are available outside of the corporate network." This is expected behavior and should not be reported as an issue through the Contact US link.

Full PC Requirements for successful extranet access:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Higher
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0
  • Flash Player Plug-in version 11 or higher
  • Pop-Up Blocker: Disabled
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 760
  • Windows Media Player 12 or higher

Note: Verizon will not provide support for PC configuration or setup issues.